Animals Dateline in Desert: The Adventures of Three Dofus 4
Episodes 1-5
Ralf Schmitz, Thomas Fritsch, Reinhard Klooss, Holger Tappe, Oliver Huzly, Charlie Constantin, Kuri and Kosal, Kuri and Tot, Kuri, Kosal and Tot, Tot and Kuri, Tot and Kosal, Audioluna, Erich Kaestner, David Newman, Carlos Constantin, Howard A. Biern, Alexander Dittner
Released October 2, 2009 (Japan)
Recorded 22:00
Length 22:00
Label ABC Me, Constantin Film, Fox Kids, Nova GmbH
Producer Constantin Film, Howard A. Anderson Co., Deutscher Filmforderfonds, FotoKem Film and Video, Co. Ltd.

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