Atesh, better known as Xkit Guy is the creator of the Xkit browser extension to tumblr which allows user to auto-tag, reply to notifications, numerous tweaks to the dashboard and much more. His fame on tumblr has led to him becoming the centre of various memes. In 2015, Atesh was reported as being a predator on predator-exposed with no accurate proof this led to him gaining hate mail in his ask box. Atesh replied saying that the accusations were false and left tumblr with a note on his personal blog: "the worst thing about being told you are ‘trash’ and 'scum’ for day after day after day for months is after a while you start to doubt yourself. and I am not sure if I ever felt this disoriented, ever". This drama led to a series of posts concerning Xkit Guy and hate against predator-exposed.

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